Privacy Policy

This page entails an explanation of our confidentiality policy on the information that is collected from you when you visit our site.

We guarantee safety of this information as its use is limited to enhancing the content of this site and we do not share any piece of the information with any other parties.

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Our server collects information, including but not limited to, the browser on which the site is loaded, your operating system and your IP address.


The main purpose of a cookie is to identify users and possibly prepare customized Web pages or to save site login information for you. This information is packaged into a cookie and sent to your Web browser, which then stores the information for later use.

A Web server has no memory so the hosted Web site you are visiting transfers a cookie file of the browser on your computer's hard disk so that the Web site can remember who you are and your preferences. This message exchange allows the Web server to use this information to present you with customized Web pages.

Use of personal Information

On some circumstances, you may be required to furnish us with personal details including, your e-mail address, phone number, full names and others. We only need this information to process your requests only. We do not share the information with any other parties.

Unanticipated information use

From time to time, our practices may require us to use the collected information for other official purposes not mentioned here in our current privacy page. In such instances, we update our privacy statement to include the changes we make. Kindly keep on checking this page to track any changes.

We got a good set of security controls to keep you protected against theft, misuse or alteration of information obtained from you.

Links Disclaimer

Our system is linked to local and international government agencies that get track of any misuse of the information. If any one links to another site from this one including any one maintained a state government, he/she is subjected to the law governing the privacy and copyrights as constituted by the state.

Our system is always an ongoing project since we need to offer additional services and use new technologies.We therefore update our system time and again to take care of the new services and technologies as well as improving your experience. We recommend that you check our web pages including the privacy page for the most current policy statements.

Your access to information

You may need a copy of your personal information collected in our system. We provide this information upon complete verification of your security credentials as provided by you. We charge no single cent to have this information availed to you. We do this subject to the conditions of the Data Protection Act 1998. If you need this service kindly contact customer care agents or simply do a mail.

Work samples

Sometimes you may need to have a look at a work sample of the writer whom you wish to assign a paper. We also provide this service free of charge. Again you only need to do a simple mail describing your request or contact your writer on live chat. Note that this information should not be copied or edited for submission to your professor.

After your order is assigned to the writer, you have two hours to review the samples and to request another writer if the samples tendered do not meet your expectations. We can change the writer at your request no more than three times on one order.